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A school is a multi-faceted organization with different tasks to manage daily. While they can be a handful, you need the right tool to remain on top of your game and oversee all processes efficiently. 

Payment Solutions

Our approach to payment prioritizes user experience for both administrators and students. This approach was developed from experience in deploying applications in various regions of Nigeria & across Africa

Online Registration

SAFrecords simplifies the registration process and eliminates the need for students to make multiple trips to the bursary or admission office

Transcript management

SAFrecord improves the transcript management process for the institution, staff, and students. In the past, graduates were required to request paper transcripts directly from their schools and the process could take months or even years. 

Hostel Reservation

Our hostel module allows students to book their hostel accommodation online. Eligible candidates can now access hostels through our online payment systems and make reservations before resuming school.

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E-Learning Services

SAFrecords offers a collaborative & interactive platform for staff and students to access online and offline study materials.

Results Computation & Compilation

SAFRecords simplifies the process of computation and compilation of results. It eliminates the need for manual calculation of CGPA and results, freeing up valuable time and effort for lecturers.

Record Management

SAFRecords provides comprehensive reporting on almost every aspect of the institution. This allows the management to have an overview of the activities of staff, students, and the overall performance of the institution.