Simplified record management for tertiary institutions

Effectively manage your institutions’ records with the all-in-one school management system – SAFrecords

Process transcripts, issue results and certificates, manage student enrollment, hostel allocation, compute results & CGPA, receive payments, and perform other administrative tasks – all in a secure & efficient manner


Simplified school processes for more than 200 tertiary institutions

Leverage the benefits of SAFRecords for your institution

Fast & efficient result compilation

Compute results & CGPA with just a few clicks. Achieve accuracy and efficiency in little or no time.

Easy retrieval of records

Have all records of your institution in one secure location. Eliminate the need for paper records and gain instant access to your records when needed

No delays with certificates & transcripts

Enhance the future dreams of your graduands with the automated issuance of certificates and transcripts that SAFRecords provides.

Make data-backed decisions

Generate detailed reports for your institution. With these reports, you can gain valuable insights for better decision-making.

Collect fees from parents and students

Our school management system offers a secure and seamless way to collect fees from parents and students.

Make payments online

You can easily set up tuition and other fees. Students can make payments online using a variety of payment methods

Set up recurring payments

SAFRecords allows you to set up recurring payments, which reduces the administrative burden of manually receiving payments every semester or school year

Keep all stakeholders informed

SAFrecord's communication features keep all stakeholders informed about important school updates

Send automated notifications and newsletters

You can send automated notifications and newsletters to keep parents and students informed about upcoming events, assignments and grades

Improves communication and engagement

Overall, SAFRecords improves communication and engagement among all members of the school community, which can lead to a more positive experience for all stakeholders.

With SAFRecords, graduates can make payments online and submit their transcript applications from anywhere in the world. It eliminates the need for them to be physically present at the institution for transcript applications. In addition, the system allows them to track their payment and transcript request status online to stay informed about the progress of their requests. The alumni will also receive notifications via email or SMS of successful payment processing and issuance of the transcript. This feature makes the process of payments and transcript requests more convenient and efficient, giving them the freedom to take care of these tasks from anywhere in the world at any time.

School management reimagined with SAFRecords

Payment solutions

Our approach to payment prioritizes user experience for both administrators and students. This approach was developed from experience in deploying applications in various regions of Nigeria & across Africa

  • Online payment

  • Access to course enrollment and accommodation

  • Use of scratch cards

Online registration

SAFRecords simplifies the registration process and eliminates the need for students to make multiple trips to the bursary or admission office

  • Register core courses and electives online

  • View results and manage profiles

  • Keeps all student records up-to-date

  • Records management and reports analytics

Transcript management

SAFRecord improves the transcript management process for the institution, staff, and students. In the past, graduates were required to request paper transcripts directly from their schools and the process could take months or even years

  • Process transcripts electronically

  • Eliminates human error

  • Online payment of transcript requests

We’ve Only Scratched the Surface

SAFRecords has more amazing features that make it the comprehensive record management tool for your institution

Designed for Tertiary Institutions to Scale Up their Productivity

SAFRecord is designed for all tertiary institutions – universities, polytechnics, monotechnics, colleges, and technical schools. With the complex systems that a tertiary institution runs on and the thousands of students and records involved, SAFRecords simplifies the entire school record management system using impeccable technology