Leverage the Benefits of SAFrecords for Your Institution

A school is a multi-faceted organization with different tasks to manage daily. While they can be a handful, you need the right tool to remain on top of your game and oversee all processes efficiently. 

Saves Time & Effort

Automate your processes and consolidate your data all in one place. You can now focus on delivering quality education and empowering students.

Fast & Efficient Result Compilation

Compute results & CGPA with just a few clicks. Achieve accuracy and efficiency in little or no time.

Easy Retrieval of Records

Have all records of your institution in one secure location. Eliminate the need for paper records and gain instant access to your records when needed.

Seamless & Secure Fees Collection

With a hassle-free way to collect fees, enjoy the highest level of security. Protect your sensitive financial data with a secure system.

Stay in Control from Anywhere

Wherever in the world you are, you remain in control. Manage operations, gain access to data, and make decisions on the go, from any device with internet access.

No Delays with Certificates & Transcripts

Enhance the future dreams of your graduates with the automated issuance of certificates and transcripts that SAFRecords provides.

Make Data-Backed Decisions

Generate detailed reports for your institution. With these reports, you can gain valuable insights for better decision-making.